Monday, March 1, 2010

Ernst Zundel

Earnst Zundel was released today, we all know who he was and why he was locked up.

To me he represents one of the steps that I went through to reach the point of being able to see. I never questioned the holocaust, I had no reason to. But when they locked Zundel up for questioning it, I wondered why. I knew that something was horribly wrong, Zundel being wrong or right about the holocaust.

I was busy with life, I didn't have the time to look into it and had decided at that point that I would learn about Zundel and about the holocaust. I know now that it doesn't matter if the holocaust was real or not, not when you compare this to the act of locking Zundel up for questioning it.

Zundel was locked up for questioning this and this is far more significant than the event itself. It means death to millions - death in spirit, death in manhood, womanhood, we become children. We are now nations of children.

I think Zundel was probably right. There isn't a lot of evidence supporting the holocaust.


Magdelena said...

My aunt had the book 'Hoax of the Twentieth Century' which she loaned my mother a VERY long time ago.

While there is no question that Jews and 'others' were targeted, I don't think the presently accepted narrative is 'exactly' what happened. Questioning these things should not be illegal, for a myriad of reasons.

What has become of Holocaustianity these days is most disrespectful of those who died, in vain, in the camps (much of my own family).

Finkelstein has it right wrt the 'Industry'.

Zundel should never have been locked up, it makes everyone look 'bad' and when no one will debate on facts, and pass laws to stifle discussion, well, one must ask: What is being hidden???

Doug Plumb said...

I think that if the holocaust happened, the PTB would put out fake evidence to make people think it didn't - to create conflict, isolate a class of people - any class - in this case Jews.

It seems Jews have been demonized. In a world where the government can make people think paper money is real, we have a "justice system" and smart people get lawyers, its hard to imagine this whole holocaust conflict wasn't created.

It must have Jews thinking the rest of us want to kill them, or could kill them if they don't stick together.

Thanks for commenting Maggie, you know quite a bit more about this than I do.

Penny said...

good comment maggie.

For Zundel to have been persecuted rather then simply rebutted is interesting.

Was reading over at yayacanada's, she is reading a book at this time.
quoting from her blog here wrt the book

"I just figured this out. I've begun reading Shlomo Sand's book "The Invention of the Jewish People" and it may have answered a question that's puzzled me for years: "Why the Jews?". Why have they alone have been singled out for persecution no matter where they've lived throughout the world?

I realize now that's just a perception that's been provided for us. Sand talks about how most traditions around which countries are built are manufactured myths."

Perhaps the perception of perpetual victim, is the myth that has been created for everyone including the Jews.
I mean let's face it all peoples have their myths.

Doug Plumb said...

Maybe thats it - maybe the Jews haven't been persecuted for all time.

In Iran they are allowed to live peacefully in their own communities, they cannot run for politics.

Doug Plumb said...

Durkheim writes that the Jews have their own community within ours. Not only do young men start out in life with money from the bar mitzvah at age 13, but they are considered men at age 13. They start out with money rather than debt.

They handle their own disputes rather than go to the corrupt courts and get robbed that way.

This is why the average Jew is better off than the rest of us - they have been smarter. Our families have been destroyed - mine was by having a lawyer actually in it and doing what lawyers do within the family.

slozo said...

Interesting that you awoke further with Ernst Zundel, I had the same step myself, except that it wasn't as overt - more of a nagging thing. I remember later doing a quick spot of research and coming upon a video of this young jewish researcher guy who visits Auschwitz, and videotapes footage of the swimming pool on site, showed pictures and diagrams of the supposed gas chambers built by the Germans, and an interesting and awkward interview with authorities there on the numbers killed. Even had footage of the Holocaust memorial in Israel, where about 3 million names are written.

I remember researching further after that and being astounded that it was all true . . . and that there was more, much more - the earth photo technology that proved that there were no mass burial grounds, the research into logistics for the mass of people to be burnt and the ash created and all the logistics behind removal and such, and the huge amount of fake people, fake artifacts, fake evidence - all proven to be fake, then put aside while something else was shoved forward to replace it.

If anyone wants a really good exercise in cognitive dissonance, do research on the actual exiting "gas chambers" as they were found, find photos of the real thing (difficult - but don't trust fake diagrams out ther) and try to imagine the German engineers at that time who were the leading thinkers of the day building something like that.

No wonder the PTB spend so much time and effort supporting the fable.

Doug Plumb said...

I actually saw something on "60 Minutes" back in the early nineties that questioned the holocaust.

This is why I wonder if questioning this has been part of the propaganda plan.

It floored me when I saw that particularly after Zundel was arrested and tried.


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