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Income Tax: Are You Lie-Able ?

Epistomology refers to the study of knowledge and economics is the science of wealth distribution. In this science money is the context in which this is spoken. Is money wealth ? Can it be used logically in the payment of debt ? Is the basis for the study of economics under our present monetary system false ?

In the context of private matters, money represents labour. If you borrow $20.00 from a friend, you are borrowing his/her labour and should pay it back.

Lets think about the income tax for a moment. You get an income tax "bill" in the mail and are expected to send money. In the world of debt slavery and macro-economic analysis of our current government, almost no one laughs out loud except a few, me included, and here is why:

This paper money is not money - its the opposite of money - its debt !!! Any dollar in existence is there because it was borrowed at some point - it was born when it was borrowed. Technically it was birthed into merchant/admiralty law.

If I borrow your car and smash it up then borrow someone elses car, can you ask me for that someone elses car to replace yours ? No way, BUT I could voluntarily give it to you and deal with that someone else later (this is what actually creates our balloning "debt"). So how can you be forced to pay a "tax" with "money" that is already spoken for ? (ie previously borrowed to even exist)

You cannot be forced to pay a debt with a debt and only people that are lie-able and agree to have elected representatives re-present them as slaves to the Crown banks are required to pay income "tax" (its not a tax really- its a "return"). The income tax does not pay for roads and hospitals - it pays for the interest on the debt, the debt that really doesn't actually exist in the first place- the money doesn't represent any value until someone agrees to work for it, but that is not the idea behind this argument.

In the case of government employees, the money was borrowed to pay their salaries, therefore they may be forced to pay it back. Government employees are required to pay income tax by law.

If you work for a private company, the money paying your salary was borrowed elsewhere and therefore is already spoken for. It may have been borrowed by paying customers to buy the product your company sells, borrowed by stockholders to buy your company's stock or have been borrowed from a bank by the company's owners to pay you, or from another source. No one therefore has the right to demand that you use this "money" as payment for another debt.

Voluntary slavery is legal and we have a system for it that people call the "legal system". Its a system and its legal (because we agree to operate under its terms) but they cannot force you into it, they trick and intimidate you into volunteering by getting you to be re-presented from a "unfeathered wide nailed biped with the faculty of reason" to being a "person" (read corporation) in their courts and under their legal system (the system that happens to be legal) and thus lie-able and to therefore operate as if the debt money was wealth (the lie).

The trick is not to be lie-able and not let the attorneys re-present you to the banks (courts= bench = bank) whether they are in government or in a court of (merchant) law.

A trust has been created in your name to accept these liabilities and protect the PTB from being accused of forced slavery. Its evidenced by the birth certificate, which they have and you have a certified copy to prove that they hold the corporation (person) papers and are thus liable for the debt.

Its all a great big bad joke. It exists so our real wealth can be attorned to the Crown banks.

Keep in mind that an Act of congress or parliament is just that - an ACT. Its not real unless you are in the play. In the play you are a slave. There is a bill associated with the Act and the bill must be paid if you are lie-able. Breaking the rules in this system that is legal (due to your acquiescence) leads to charges (demands for "money"). Non payment of charges puts you in debtors prison. All prisoners are in debtor prisons.

Its a house of smoke and mirrors, not forced slavery. It works because our legal system is adversarial. The other side doesn't have to tell you that you are being tricked.

A discussion of macro-economics in the context of "money" is empty. There is no logical possible obligation and the money in no way represents wealth and thus cannot be used to pay debts. Not only is payment of a debt by creating another debt un-enforcable, but the very money lent has no intrinsic value and therefore the only thing that gives it value is the willingness to work for it.

The payment of taxes is required for government to operate and any group of people that decide to live together must live by rules and a government is necessary to enforce these rules. But the payment of what we refer to as income "tax" is not really a tax at all because it doesn't pay government expenses.


Doug Plumb said...

If the government was printing asset money and spending it into the economy through government services then none of this would apply. The income tax would be a valid and just way of controlling inflation.

The asset money wouldn't represent debt and could therefore be used to pay debts, since it would be spent rather than lent into the economy.

Doug Plumb said...

See also "Grace Report" - understand why Reagan was shot.


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