Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9/11: The Real Motive

There is another reason that would justify the attack on 9/11 that literally no one from the "truth movement" is considering.

Of many perhaps thousands of quotes given on the internet, none has more truth or more relevance that the following quote:

"White man speak with a forked tongue"

This quote was spoken by an "indian" in an old black and white movie at some point, probably made in the 50's. It was spoken ,not of the actual white man, but of his rulers and likely described the situation the natives were in when negotiating settlements and truces. It is the nature of our legal system to hide the truth.

It is the nature of our political system to hide the truth and its military strategy to divert attention from the truth or more important things. We have been under a military government since 1933 when both Canada inc and the USA inc declared bankruptcy. The first thing that happens to a country during a military takeover is they lose their money and it gets replaced by worthless War-Script, which is what we now use for money.

When a corporation declares bankruptcy, its government becomes subservient to the banks which actually run the company to better manage its finances. The corporation board of directors and the banks operate under Trust Law and under Trust Law, unlike contract law, full disclosure is not required. This is what has allowed our public officials to legally lie to us since 1933. Complain all you want about lying politicians. Its legal and its expected by the banks so it isn't going to change. This is where the speaking with a forked tongue comes in.

One example is "National Security". What is meant by the term "National Security" ?. Most people assume that it is the security of the nation and its people but thats that is not what National Security means. The banks control the nation because of chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it is their security that is the true meaning.

After 70 years a country is to be forgiven for its debts and the bankruptcy should dissapear, just like for individuals the number is 7 years. This is law and has been for a long time. Its the law as in the Bible, which is the highest law, whether you belive in God or not.

So, in 2003, 1933 + 70, our rulers decided to keep us in bankruptcy when it could have been forgiven. We could have stopped using war-script as money and had honest money and the income tax and wars could have just stopped, juts as surely as the punishments for personal bankruptcy stop after 7 years.

But in 2003, the people and many of its politicians were heavily distracted by the wake of 9/11, all of its wars and the growing police state at home. It prevented people from seeing the big picture and stopping the real force behind what is being done to us.

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