Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Residual Morons

There are still a few people out there that believe Usama destroyed the buildings on 9/11, vaccines are good and lawyers are there to protect your freedoms.

Thankfully the number of people that still believe global warming is real is rapidly becoming miniscule, given the small size of the protests yesterday that were to inform us that the clock is ticking and that we are all going to die if CO2 levels remain above 350 ppm (parts per million).

The Toronto Star showed the march in Toronto picturing fewer than 50 people, deceptively leading us to believe in the photo that they were taking a picture of a few people of a large crowd of protestors. If there was a large crowd, we would have seen a picture of it. If the global warming hypothesis was true then the protests would have been huge.

The site shows the small number of people in Sydney Australia as well as many other places around the world with pictures of the crowds. See "350 Day Fails To Impress"

Are all these protestors just people that profit from this myth ? Has the grass roots activist community woken up ? I would say this has happened as of a year ago when I lived in Toronto and was always asking people about global warming. Most have caught on.

Perhaps its job security or investment security that is driving the residual moron to keep marching in the street to show us that carbon dioxide, if not controlled, will kill us all.

Truth seekers won this one for sure.

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