Friday, October 30, 2009

Redemption Going Mainstream

The things I have been trying to explain wrt law and money are very well explained in a book, given on the website They sell a book of the site that seems to cover the basic ground.

I looked through some of the book online on and it does present the basic principles. I haven't read the book, but think its too condensed to be truly internalized. The authors hypothesis is the same as mine, if we all learn this stuff we can undo this terrible system. I'm guessing that good lawyers (if they exist) and judges are waiting for the population to figure this out.

I still believe that the highly repetitive book, "Invisible Contracts" by George Mercier is necessary for someone to rapidly internalize these ideas. This followed by some writings on The Law Merchant from, followed by The Redemption Manual is probably better than the book because the book just isn't long enough in my opinion. But I have not read it. It may be better for some.

Its the only way we can take back the system. Anything else leads directly to the iron yoke and absolutely no hope of ever getting out of. It means starvation, sickness, psychological abuse and a life of nothing but work. We have no choice but to learn this stuff.

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