Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Legal System & Redemption

If I agree to cut your lawn for $5.00 then we have a "system" I work, you pay. You cannot force me to cut your lawn except for the fact that we have an agreement you agree to consideration of $5.00. This would be legal and its a system. It could be called a legal system. If people agreed to be subservient to myself, the great lawn cutter, this would be legal too. Perhaps I could wear a green robe and slam on a bench with a pair of clippers when I didn't like what was being said in my court.

The legal system is nothing more than a system of commerce that happens to be legal.

It is our agreement with the state that they can hold us in bondage and tax our labour. Its lawful because we have agreed, but it has nothing to do with the LAW- no more than me cutting your lawn has anything to do with law - unless I break the law while doing it. The "legal system" is a system of slavery that is legal because of our aquiescience. Forced slavery is illegal, slavery is not.

Their consideration (what they give us in exchange) for our aquiescence into slavery is free medical, police "protection", etc. Those services have eroded and the police have no obligation to save you or answer or do anything about your complaint. As long as you are not filing charges against their gods (lawyers, judges, doctors, etc) then they play along and answer your complaints, pretending they have to.

If you want to file charges against one of their gods, then you must get an attourney and pay him fortunes. Of course your case will never go anywhere because the attourneys are in the same club. That club is the group of secret societies that govern us. The BAR association, all professional self governing associations. This includes the Professional Engineers which is why monkeys like Seffen and the rest can go on bullshitting us about 9/11.

I suspect the Free Masons are just a distraction, mostly just getting blow jobs, playing poker and eating pizza in their meetings. The real powerful secret societies are right in front of us. The best way to hide something really big is to put it in plain sight. The doctors tell us we need vaccines, engineers tell us the official version of 9/11 is legit, lawyers tell us we still have rights...They are truly the ones in power, they are the gods of our legal system, worshipped by the public.

Redemption is for people that see all of this and want to do something about it. A great document called "The Redemption Manual" can be found free on the web. Its only version 1.0 and the manual is now up to version 4.5, but the later version isn't free and the shorter version one will lay out the basic idea in a set of short essays.

Only one thing will save us from Globalism: that is to understand its rules and what the legal system really is.

Our corporate government went into bankruptcy and has been there since 1933, and they are allowed to lie to us and depopulate us and do whatever the banks (UN, IMF, etc) demand because they are in debt. When a corporation goes into ch 11 bankruptcy its management structure changes and the banks or creditors run the show. A chapter 11 bankruptcy consists of three components: A guarentor (who supplys cash influx), A trustee who is trusted to run the show and the beneficiaries who are the entities that the corporation owes money to.

We are the beneficiaries and the government is the trustee and they can legally lie to us on behalf of the trust guarentors (the banks). Full disclosure is not required under trust law. The corporate government said to the banks (paraphrase) "Look, we know we owe you guys a pile of cash, and we are a corporation, and we want chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In return we will turn the people of the country into slaves to pay the debt of this corporation". BUT the banks are not really the trust guarentors, they are administrators for the guarentors. We are the guarentors. We create money, we are the only ones that can create money. WE CAN THEREFORE FORGIVE DEBTS.

We received a private trust in return for our aquiescence to slavery. This private trust can be used to pay debts. The banks figured most of us would never catch on.

Ultimately, every society sits on a foundation of laws which must be just. The nature of our system is just, but the just nature is well hidden. We do no have to fall into debt. We can have our accounts adjusted (ADD JUSTICE). Its all just a big word game.

If we were to eliminate that debt the forces behind all these other things would no longer exist. That is why they want us protesting and spreading fear instead of learning more about the law and how this paper tiger can be eliminated by filing the right paperwork.

When the government says one thing they mean another. They do not feel threatened by our street actions. Anything to spread fear and keep us out of libraries or the web and reading the law is good. Fearful people are more easily propagandized.

Stop living in fear, start reading and thinking. The pen really is mightier than the sword and this is because every civilization must sit on a foundation of just laws.

This is the idea of corporate democracy. Sieze nations, put corrupt people into power, bribe them to drive the country into bankruptcy so the banks can then step in and take over, brainwash the people and turn them into slobbering idiots with their noses stuck to a grindstone with public education so that they don't even know they are slaves.

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