Monday, October 12, 2009

Money, A Just Society and the BAR Association

I put this post up on in response to a TV appearance by Richard Belzer (Det. Munch on the Boob Tube) on the Fed that was on the Boob Tube. Belzer was complaining about the Fed. The real power that enforces the Fed is not the fiat currency, but the legal system and its associated men with guns and the secrets it keeps from the general public wrt how the system actually operates. This mis-understanding of how the system operates is the source of the problem. When everyone knows the rules of the game, it becomes fair, no matter what those rules are.

Going with some kind of gold standard is equally as dangerous as the fiat currencies controlled by central banks.

The real power may be held by the banks, but it is excercised by members of the BAR association, which is very dangerous because lawyers are required to hide the true nature of the system from the public. This true nature is the fact that we are under trust law rather than contract law (Ch 11 bankruptcy) which does not require full disclosure about how the system actually operates to the public BENEFICIARIEs. The public does not realize that they are the beneficiaries of the system and can wield great power in making a change. This is somehow kept secret and this is the secret the folks like the Builderbergs do not want to let out.

Very few patriots understand the actual system but prefer to complain about the government lying to them and pretending they still have this constitution. Its gone and has been since 1933. We got propaganda and lies in its place.

All of the gold is now owned by the PTB, turning money back to the gold standard is turning us back to substantiative law rather than equitable law. Substantiative law is absolute and unforgiving (Old Testament) rather than forgiving like the New Testament (Equity law). THE BIBLE IS A LAW BOOK !!!!!. The PTB will gain control of the money the same way they did this time – with secret societies and secret ambitions if we have a substantiative legal system. Debtor prisons would become commonplace.

The only way to cure all of these problems we face is with much better public education. Teaching people how to think so they can ask questions like: “Why do we still work 40 hrs per week in a technological society such as ours? Can’t computers and automation reduce this workload ?" If this could be done, life could be a life long learning experience rather than learning until we are 23 or so then putting our noses to the grindstone and never looking up again until we are 65.

This debt in Canada and the USA could be eliminated with our signatures- nothing more, through the use of our powers as beneficiaries and using our private exemption evidenced by the birth certificate. BAR association members could be put on a ship and sent back to Britain where they belong. We don’t need lawyers – we can be our own lawyers and have the best people in society nominated as judges- or use juries all the time. We would have the time – we wouldn’t be working all the time ! There wouldn't be much crime, there is much more than enough wealth to go around. Humans could soar to new heights that would previously be unimaginable. The planet could be cleaned up as well as made to support a far greater population. But could the PTB hold their grip on power in such circumstances ? Pride is the deadliest of sins and i think not.

Ultimately money is just a tool and it shouldn’t really matter what it is made of in a just and enlightened society.

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