Saturday, October 31, 2009

PsychoPolitics: Call Me Crazy

This 50 page document is a MUST READ.
It explains what is being done to our society and why. It explains the humiliation that we endure from the graft and corruption as well as gives reasons that may explain the graft and corruption. It has much to say about psychology and Pavlovs dog type experiments on human beings that may explain some of the diabolical behaviours we have seen.
Its the heart of the serpent and really gets to the core of what is happening. I read little books like this all the time on the web related to our problem. This is likely one of the most important things I have come across. It explains why some may be attacking Scientology. It suggests that both Scientology and Christianity make people highly resistant to communist brainwashing and must be attacked. Recall the Scientology has done a brutal attack on Psychology/Psychiatry. These two brain sciences have been shaped by the soviet operatives to instill communist values into the minds of doctors so they believe their science is based on rational deductive or other types of thought, in reality it is based on communist brainwashing.
It also suggests the role of the psychiatrist in the future destruction of our society. Recall a huge phsyciatric hospital being contrusted in Alaska that can contain a million patients (us).
Its a very easy to read, well written document that should scare the hell out of you, and it should also show why others such as Alex Jones are using scare tactics. The moment we stop questioning any authority in this movement is the moment we stop using rational thought and become easy targets for those who would brain wash us.

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Thoughts ?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Redemption Going Mainstream

The things I have been trying to explain wrt law and money are very well explained in a book, given on the website They sell a book of the site that seems to cover the basic ground.

I looked through some of the book online on and it does present the basic principles. I haven't read the book, but think its too condensed to be truly internalized. The authors hypothesis is the same as mine, if we all learn this stuff we can undo this terrible system. I'm guessing that good lawyers (if they exist) and judges are waiting for the population to figure this out.

I still believe that the highly repetitive book, "Invisible Contracts" by George Mercier is necessary for someone to rapidly internalize these ideas. This followed by some writings on The Law Merchant from, followed by The Redemption Manual is probably better than the book because the book just isn't long enough in my opinion. But I have not read it. It may be better for some.

Its the only way we can take back the system. Anything else leads directly to the iron yoke and absolutely no hope of ever getting out of. It means starvation, sickness, psychological abuse and a life of nothing but work. We have no choice but to learn this stuff.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9/11: The Real Motive

There is another reason that would justify the attack on 9/11 that literally no one from the "truth movement" is considering.

Of many perhaps thousands of quotes given on the internet, none has more truth or more relevance that the following quote:

"White man speak with a forked tongue"

This quote was spoken by an "indian" in an old black and white movie at some point, probably made in the 50's. It was spoken ,not of the actual white man, but of his rulers and likely described the situation the natives were in when negotiating settlements and truces. It is the nature of our legal system to hide the truth.

It is the nature of our political system to hide the truth and its military strategy to divert attention from the truth or more important things. We have been under a military government since 1933 when both Canada inc and the USA inc declared bankruptcy. The first thing that happens to a country during a military takeover is they lose their money and it gets replaced by worthless War-Script, which is what we now use for money.

When a corporation declares bankruptcy, its government becomes subservient to the banks which actually run the company to better manage its finances. The corporation board of directors and the banks operate under Trust Law and under Trust Law, unlike contract law, full disclosure is not required. This is what has allowed our public officials to legally lie to us since 1933. Complain all you want about lying politicians. Its legal and its expected by the banks so it isn't going to change. This is where the speaking with a forked tongue comes in.

One example is "National Security". What is meant by the term "National Security" ?. Most people assume that it is the security of the nation and its people but thats that is not what National Security means. The banks control the nation because of chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it is their security that is the true meaning.

After 70 years a country is to be forgiven for its debts and the bankruptcy should dissapear, just like for individuals the number is 7 years. This is law and has been for a long time. Its the law as in the Bible, which is the highest law, whether you belive in God or not.

So, in 2003, 1933 + 70, our rulers decided to keep us in bankruptcy when it could have been forgiven. We could have stopped using war-script as money and had honest money and the income tax and wars could have just stopped, juts as surely as the punishments for personal bankruptcy stop after 7 years.

But in 2003, the people and many of its politicians were heavily distracted by the wake of 9/11, all of its wars and the growing police state at home. It prevented people from seeing the big picture and stopping the real force behind what is being done to us.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Residual Morons

There are still a few people out there that believe Usama destroyed the buildings on 9/11, vaccines are good and lawyers are there to protect your freedoms.

Thankfully the number of people that still believe global warming is real is rapidly becoming miniscule, given the small size of the protests yesterday that were to inform us that the clock is ticking and that we are all going to die if CO2 levels remain above 350 ppm (parts per million).

The Toronto Star showed the march in Toronto picturing fewer than 50 people, deceptively leading us to believe in the photo that they were taking a picture of a few people of a large crowd of protestors. If there was a large crowd, we would have seen a picture of it. If the global warming hypothesis was true then the protests would have been huge.

The site shows the small number of people in Sydney Australia as well as many other places around the world with pictures of the crowds. See "350 Day Fails To Impress"

Are all these protestors just people that profit from this myth ? Has the grass roots activist community woken up ? I would say this has happened as of a year ago when I lived in Toronto and was always asking people about global warming. Most have caught on.

Perhaps its job security or investment security that is driving the residual moron to keep marching in the street to show us that carbon dioxide, if not controlled, will kill us all.

Truth seekers won this one for sure.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Legal System & Redemption

If I agree to cut your lawn for $5.00 then we have a "system" I work, you pay. You cannot force me to cut your lawn except for the fact that we have an agreement you agree to consideration of $5.00. This would be legal and its a system. It could be called a legal system. If people agreed to be subservient to myself, the great lawn cutter, this would be legal too. Perhaps I could wear a green robe and slam on a bench with a pair of clippers when I didn't like what was being said in my court.

The legal system is nothing more than a system of commerce that happens to be legal.

It is our agreement with the state that they can hold us in bondage and tax our labour. Its lawful because we have agreed, but it has nothing to do with the LAW- no more than me cutting your lawn has anything to do with law - unless I break the law while doing it. The "legal system" is a system of slavery that is legal because of our aquiescience. Forced slavery is illegal, slavery is not.

Their consideration (what they give us in exchange) for our aquiescence into slavery is free medical, police "protection", etc. Those services have eroded and the police have no obligation to save you or answer or do anything about your complaint. As long as you are not filing charges against their gods (lawyers, judges, doctors, etc) then they play along and answer your complaints, pretending they have to.

If you want to file charges against one of their gods, then you must get an attourney and pay him fortunes. Of course your case will never go anywhere because the attourneys are in the same club. That club is the group of secret societies that govern us. The BAR association, all professional self governing associations. This includes the Professional Engineers which is why monkeys like Seffen and the rest can go on bullshitting us about 9/11.

I suspect the Free Masons are just a distraction, mostly just getting blow jobs, playing poker and eating pizza in their meetings. The real powerful secret societies are right in front of us. The best way to hide something really big is to put it in plain sight. The doctors tell us we need vaccines, engineers tell us the official version of 9/11 is legit, lawyers tell us we still have rights...They are truly the ones in power, they are the gods of our legal system, worshipped by the public.

Redemption is for people that see all of this and want to do something about it. A great document called "The Redemption Manual" can be found free on the web. Its only version 1.0 and the manual is now up to version 4.5, but the later version isn't free and the shorter version one will lay out the basic idea in a set of short essays.

Only one thing will save us from Globalism: that is to understand its rules and what the legal system really is.

Our corporate government went into bankruptcy and has been there since 1933, and they are allowed to lie to us and depopulate us and do whatever the banks (UN, IMF, etc) demand because they are in debt. When a corporation goes into ch 11 bankruptcy its management structure changes and the banks or creditors run the show. A chapter 11 bankruptcy consists of three components: A guarentor (who supplys cash influx), A trustee who is trusted to run the show and the beneficiaries who are the entities that the corporation owes money to.

We are the beneficiaries and the government is the trustee and they can legally lie to us on behalf of the trust guarentors (the banks). Full disclosure is not required under trust law. The corporate government said to the banks (paraphrase) "Look, we know we owe you guys a pile of cash, and we are a corporation, and we want chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In return we will turn the people of the country into slaves to pay the debt of this corporation". BUT the banks are not really the trust guarentors, they are administrators for the guarentors. We are the guarentors. We create money, we are the only ones that can create money. WE CAN THEREFORE FORGIVE DEBTS.

We received a private trust in return for our aquiescence to slavery. This private trust can be used to pay debts. The banks figured most of us would never catch on.

Ultimately, every society sits on a foundation of laws which must be just. The nature of our system is just, but the just nature is well hidden. We do no have to fall into debt. We can have our accounts adjusted (ADD JUSTICE). Its all just a big word game.

If we were to eliminate that debt the forces behind all these other things would no longer exist. That is why they want us protesting and spreading fear instead of learning more about the law and how this paper tiger can be eliminated by filing the right paperwork.

When the government says one thing they mean another. They do not feel threatened by our street actions. Anything to spread fear and keep us out of libraries or the web and reading the law is good. Fearful people are more easily propagandized.

Stop living in fear, start reading and thinking. The pen really is mightier than the sword and this is because every civilization must sit on a foundation of just laws.

This is the idea of corporate democracy. Sieze nations, put corrupt people into power, bribe them to drive the country into bankruptcy so the banks can then step in and take over, brainwash the people and turn them into slobbering idiots with their noses stuck to a grindstone with public education so that they don't even know they are slaves.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Money, A Just Society and the BAR Association

I put this post up on in response to a TV appearance by Richard Belzer (Det. Munch on the Boob Tube) on the Fed that was on the Boob Tube. Belzer was complaining about the Fed. The real power that enforces the Fed is not the fiat currency, but the legal system and its associated men with guns and the secrets it keeps from the general public wrt how the system actually operates. This mis-understanding of how the system operates is the source of the problem. When everyone knows the rules of the game, it becomes fair, no matter what those rules are.

Going with some kind of gold standard is equally as dangerous as the fiat currencies controlled by central banks.

The real power may be held by the banks, but it is excercised by members of the BAR association, which is very dangerous because lawyers are required to hide the true nature of the system from the public. This true nature is the fact that we are under trust law rather than contract law (Ch 11 bankruptcy) which does not require full disclosure about how the system actually operates to the public BENEFICIARIEs. The public does not realize that they are the beneficiaries of the system and can wield great power in making a change. This is somehow kept secret and this is the secret the folks like the Builderbergs do not want to let out.

Very few patriots understand the actual system but prefer to complain about the government lying to them and pretending they still have this constitution. Its gone and has been since 1933. We got propaganda and lies in its place.

All of the gold is now owned by the PTB, turning money back to the gold standard is turning us back to substantiative law rather than equitable law. Substantiative law is absolute and unforgiving (Old Testament) rather than forgiving like the New Testament (Equity law). THE BIBLE IS A LAW BOOK !!!!!. The PTB will gain control of the money the same way they did this time – with secret societies and secret ambitions if we have a substantiative legal system. Debtor prisons would become commonplace.

The only way to cure all of these problems we face is with much better public education. Teaching people how to think so they can ask questions like: “Why do we still work 40 hrs per week in a technological society such as ours? Can’t computers and automation reduce this workload ?" If this could be done, life could be a life long learning experience rather than learning until we are 23 or so then putting our noses to the grindstone and never looking up again until we are 65.

This debt in Canada and the USA could be eliminated with our signatures- nothing more, through the use of our powers as beneficiaries and using our private exemption evidenced by the birth certificate. BAR association members could be put on a ship and sent back to Britain where they belong. We don’t need lawyers – we can be our own lawyers and have the best people in society nominated as judges- or use juries all the time. We would have the time – we wouldn’t be working all the time ! There wouldn't be much crime, there is much more than enough wealth to go around. Humans could soar to new heights that would previously be unimaginable. The planet could be cleaned up as well as made to support a far greater population. But could the PTB hold their grip on power in such circumstances ? Pride is the deadliest of sins and i think not.

Ultimately money is just a tool and it shouldn’t really matter what it is made of in a just and enlightened society.


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