Thursday, September 25, 2014

50 Climate Scientists

I've been on the Linked In discussion groups talking about global warming, climate change or whatever is fashionable for it to be called these days. These fascists have really started making me angry and my keyboard has undergone some serious punishment as I have pounded on it to try and convince some of the unconvinceable that they are being bamboozled by these pro ACC folks.

I surf through their links in their posts on the discussions and try to find actual 'climate scientists' - known better as 'atmospheric physicists'. I'm looking for some actual scientists - the atmospheric kind - the kind who's reputation will take a beating if they are wrong about this whole Greenhouse Gas thingy- the kind of words that have responsibility behind them.

It turns out, in my previous look at qualifications of 'qualified folks' that most of the so called environmental scientists are actually sociologists and biologists. A sociologist or biologist won't take a beating if he or she is wrong about atmospheric physics "I got bamboozled just like everyone else", they can always say.

I found an article in the Guardian...ha ha!! Real climate scientists at last ! Because I would rather believe the AGW hypothesis is true than what I do actually believe. I want to be convinced that the AGW hypothesis is true because I would be a lot happier if I did. What I think is far worse. What I think makes me ashamed to be a member of this species.

Part of what makes me ashamed to be a member of the species is that I cannot get anyone from the pro AGW /ACC camp to go here PetitionProject I think its because they are afraid. Cult members are going to be afraid of things like this and this too. You can't get them to look at what real climate scientists are saying. They live in a world of smoke, mirrors and politics. Their cult leaders have warned them about going to sites like these.

But I look, I looked at the Guardian and was thinking "Oh good....I was wrong..." But I wasn't.

Maybe if I can show them once again how they are being bamboozled..instead of taking stupid Liberal insults and having those take the place of intelligent argument.

So, lets see what constitutes Climate Scientist in the mind of a Cult Member. The Guardian has an article entitled: Climate Consensus: The 97 %. So lets see...

(1)Dr. Catherine Potvin, Professor, Department of Biology  Ok Ok.  So you don't always get it right the first lets try it again.

(2)Dr. Chantelle Richmond, Western University - dept of Geography. Twice the charm...

(3)Dr. Fikret Berkes, University of Manitoba - Natural Resources.  Never give up

(4)Dr. Mark Stoddart, Memorial University - Dept of Sociology. I think we may find one actual physicist, but I'm not betting on it. Keep trying. Never give up...

(5) Dr. Sally Aitken, University of British Columbia - Forest Genetics

(6)  Dr. Aerin Jacob, University of Victoria: - Applied Conservation Science

(7) Dr. Alison Kemper, Ryerson University - Marketing

(8) Dr. André Potvin, Université Laval- Architecture

(9) Dr. Andreas Heyland, University of Guelph - Comparative physiology

(10) Dr. Ann Dale, Royal Roads - University Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development

(11) Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Cape Breton University - Nursing & Indigenous Studies

(12) Dr. Brent Sinclair - biologist

(13) Dr. Bruno Dyck, University of Manitoba - Business administration

There is a bit of  trend here, I don't think we are going to see a world class climate scientist in this group. The qualifications seem to be diverging into fields where one may not even be required to know what climate even is.

So if the sky is falling and the earth will die unless we let the banks and their UN start telling us what we can and cannot have for energy while they fly around in private jets, I want to hear it from an actual Climate Scientist !!!


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the Petition project as critically as you seem to have climate scientists? It's a fraud and easily debunked.
You'll likely dismiss Huffington;

Anonymous said...

Doug Plumb said...

So, anonymous, do you expect me to put this file on pause and search all those names ? -only to find more fraud - like always ?

Flush it out a little.

Anonymous said...


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