Saturday, September 13, 2014

Michelle's a Fag

One morning, while listening to E. Michael Jones on cultural Marxism I took off my headphones to listen to some of my co-workers talk about the recently born notion of Michelle Obama being a transvestite. My contribution to this discussion was that it really shouldn't surprise anyone if its true.

The video below outlines the physical evidence for this and the various characteristics of her / his physical appearance. Some of the evidence is broad shoulders, index finger longer than the ring finger, traces of a removed Adam's apple and a few other things.

We know that Obama is a homosexual, if fact all US presidents with the exception of Nixon and Clinton were homosexuals - or that is what some believe. I think it's probably true.

Homosexuals are wonderful tools in politics because they can be more easily controlled. If George Bush got out of control or was overcome by a sudden act of decency and upset the order of things (the rest of us getting constantly screwed by bankers and attorneys), his handlers only needed to call the NY Times or the Washington Post or the Communist News Network and expose the fact that he had male prostitutes visit the White House quite regularly. Barry Sataro has his golf and stays out of the way of the machine, GW had his male prostitutes.

Its all too crazy. You gotta laugh once in a while, and here is a video for some good honest laughter. Its a case well stated.

Joan, "Oh shut up, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about", Rivers also commented about this shortly before her death.

Joan always told it like it was. These comedians are sometimes our greatest philosophers.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that the "first lady", normally believed to be a heterosexual female is in fact a homosexual male.

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