Friday, September 19, 2014

Naomi Shocking Us Into Green Communism Based on AGW fraud

Naomi Klein, author of the famous book, The Shock Doctrine, showed us the value of shock in leading us into the fraudulent war on terror. She has written another book, using the methods given in The Shock Doctrine to shock us into United Nations Agenda 21 based on the phoney AGW threat.

The Rhodes Scholar seems to have followed lessons that she learned from the US Neocons to shock us into helping the global financiers in establishing their Neoliberal Green communist agenda (Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development) New World Order.

She has an interview of the Ford Foundation funded Democracy Now! Here

So you don't have to buy her stupid book.

She says we must transform the economy to reduce "emissions" - of carbon, I assume. I think the only emissions we need to worry about are those emanating from people like Naomi Klein.

Its important to know that burning hydrocarbons has the by products of water and carbon dioxide. (That "smoke" you see coming out of "smoke stacks" of Western clean burning coal burning plants in AGW propaganda is actually water). Both of these are life giving gases.

In the Chinese coal plants? Who knows. They don't have regulations over there and the Neoliberal Rhodes Scholar isn't pushing for trade sanctions against China and their slave factories to reduce real harmful rather than imaginary harmful emissions that are the result of by-products emitted by dirty plants without 'scrubbers'.

Naomi's argument is a scientific one - we must stop putting "carbon", meaning CO2, into the environment to stop global warming. Really CO2 isn't bad for the environment according to qualified folks.

The science behind the pro AGW movement has always been political science and the science behind the anti AGW movement has always been the hard kind.You don't see qualified folks like this on Naomi's side of things, you see people like....well....Naomi. They always say they have qualified people behind them, you just never hear from these qualified people. They have corporate media to repeat their mantra until it gets believed.

The rest of the interview is such BS that I can't even pollute my keyboard by repeating it here. She says "We must invest more in the public sphere...." - just to warn you. You won't believe it if I just write it all here anyhow. See for yourself at the Ford Foundation media outlet linked above.

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