Monday, September 29, 2014

Post Modernism Dangers

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Yesterday I decided to have a fire in the backyard. It was after 9 PM and dark outside so I needed a flashlight to find some wood lying around. I didn't have a flashlight, but I had a smart phone. I wondered if Kirk and Spock had flashlights on their communicators.

I was watching Prof. Rick Roderick (R.I.P.) on Post Modernism earlier that day on my smart phone. I can download videos of him and sit outside and watch his talks on that tiny video display. In one talk he said that a man who thinks he is a poached egg gets convicted of lunacy solely because he is a minority. This talk took place in the mid nineties, when Nintendo was big and the internet wasn't.

Its a crazy world we live in. 9-11 was an inside job. Global warming is a fraud. How do we figure this out? Not by looking at evidence, there is too much of that. The United States and its military industrial complex had the most to gain from 9-11, they also covered up evidence. If Global Warming was not a fraud, the IPCC wouldn't have had to lie so much. The banks and the UN have a lot to gain from the lies. They would have thousands of actual climate scientists warning us of the danger and would not have to create that illusion using filtering and other techniques of propaganda, mostly outlined in Aristotle's "Rhetoric". Scientists would line up to sign their petition – if they had one.

Somehow we forgot that we shouldn't believe liars. Thankfully the biggest of lies can be destroyed by the simplest of logic. Some of us still know that.

The multicultural society we live in has no grounding in ethical or moral truth anymore. God is dead just like Nietzsche said. The best we can hope for is not go crazy ourselves, like Nietzsche eventually did. He saw a man beat a horse and that was the final straw. We see much worse all the time in the hyper reality we live in. Its no wonder people cannot tell fact from fiction. It affects all of us in various ways. You cannot cure an illness until you recognize you have one. Recognizing this illness for many will be like a fish recognizing water – the ubiquitous nature of water prevents it for the fish. The ubiquitous nature of lies that surround us prevents many of us from recognizing them.

We must ground ourselves in eternal truth, the greatest of greats, Kant, describes entering a dark room and having to hold onto something to orient himself so that he knows where he may walk without breaking anything or hurting himself.

We are conscious. Consciousness forms the Holy Ghost, God is Law and the Son, forgiveness. Its the Holy Ghost that proves the existence of God. Being, as some people call it. It's this that the bankster's UN needs to destroy – the last vestige of reality, the notion that we are conscious and responsible for our own rights and wrongs. Destroy all religion; destroy all Being; Destroy reason itself. Destruction through deconstructionism. It is necessary to bring in the grand plan of Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / New World Order into view. People must be reduced to machines so they always do what they are told, irregardless of right and wrong.

Much damage has been done by religion when it simplified itself for the masses, it anthropomorphized itself leading to its own discredit. But what else could it have done? It's a twisted version of Plato's Meno and the seeking of faith, which cannot be understood because it lies outside the bounds of reason.

If we grab onto that one thing, consciousness, we may be able to find our way out. Start living according to the rights and wrongs we know in our souls. If we learn better what consciousness is we will know better why we must hang onto it tighter. We will see better why the Bankster's scientific Establishment needs to destroy the very notion of consciousness.

This is how we stay human in the post modern world.

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