Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who Is Really In Control ?

After about 6 years of listening to and reading political commentary on the internet and reading political philosophy and studying law I can say that if I could list only one person that every person should listen to, that person would be Catharine Austin Fitts. She does explain the problem, its symptoms and what we need to do to fix the situation that we currently face: Tyrannical communism & complete destruction of existing economy. She does this by exposing people to common-sense reason and some aspects of the nature of our relationship with the government.

In her latest interview on Alex Jones, www.infowars.com, she poses a question, Who is really in control ?
Fitts has an interview with Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet TV) on this page http://solari.com//events/ , she explains the problem at the core.

Are The Corporations In Control ?

Many people assume that because the corporations lobby governments and have enormous concentrations of wealth to do this affectively. They must be the ones that shape government. But this is not true because they play according to the rules. The main rule is that they are lawfully required to operate in the financial interest of their shareholders. To not do this is to break the rules and to expose themselves to liability. They have no choice but to operate the way they do.

Are The Paid Off Politicians In Control ?

The only responsibility a politician has to its electorate is to get re-elected. Lobbyists and corporations aid them in this task so the lobbyists and corporations are helping the politicans fullfill their single obligation to the public - that is get re-elected.

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