Tuesday, September 30, 2014

James Traficant RIP September 27, 2014

His own words...

"Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.

It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: "The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States."

Gold and silver were such a powerful money during the founding of the united states of America, that the founding fathers declared that only gold or silver coins can be "money" in America. Since gold and silver coinage were heavy and inconvenient for a lot of transactions, they were stored in banks and a claim check was issued as a money substitute. People traded their coupons as money, or "currency." Currency is not money, but a money substitute. Redeemable currency must promise to pay a dollar equivalent in gold or silver money. Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) make no such promises, and are not "money." A Federal Reserve Note is a debt obligation of the federal United States government, not "money." The federal United States government and the U.S. Congress were not and have never been authorized by the Constitution for the united states of America to issue currency of any kind, but only lawful money, gold and silver coin.

It is essential that we comprehend the distinction between real money and paper money substitute. One cannot get rich by accumulating money substitutes, one can only get deeper into debt. We the People no longer have any "money." Most Americans have not been paid any "money" for a very long time, perhaps not in their entire life. Now do you comprehend why you feel broke? Now, do you understand why you are "bankrupt," along with the rest of the country?

Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are unsigned checks written on a closed account. FRNs are an inflatable paper system designed to create debt through inflation (devaluation of currency). when ever there is an increase of the supply of a money substitute in the economy without a corresponding increase in the gold and silver backing, inflation occurs.

Inflation is an invisible form of taxation that irresponsible governments inflict on their citizens. The Federal Reserve Bank who controls the supply and movement of FRNs has everybody fooled. They have access to an unlimited supply of FRNs, paying only for the printing costs of what they need. FRNs are nothing more than promissory notes for U.S. Treasury securities (T-Bills) - a promise to pay the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is a fundamental difference between "paying" and "discharging" a debt. To pay a debt, you must pay with value or substance (i.e. gold, silver, barter or a commodity). With FRNs, you can only discharge a debt. You cannot pay a debt with a debt currency system. You cannot service a debt with a currency that has no backing in value or substance. No contract in Common law is valid unless it involves an exchange of "good & valuable consideration." Unpayable debt transfers power and control to the sovereign power structure that has no interest in money, law, equity or justice because they have so much wealth already.

Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations.

The Federal Reserve System is based on the Canon law and the principles of sovereignty protected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In fact, the international bankers used a "Canon Law Trust" as their model, adding stock and naming it a "Joint Stock Trust." The U.S. Congress had passed a law making it illegal for any legal "person" to duplicate a "Joint Stock Trust" in 1873. The Federal Reserve Act was legislated post-facto (to 1870), although post-facto laws are strictly forbidden by the Constitution. [1:9:3]

The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the federal United States government. The Federal Reserve is a maritime lender, and/or maritime insurance underwriter to the federal United States operating exclusively under Admiralty/Maritime law. The lender or underwriter bears the risks, and the Maritime law compelling specific performance in paying the interest, or premiums are the same.

Assets of the debtor can also be hypothecated (to pledge something as a security without taking possession of it.) as security by the lender or underwriter. The Federal Reserve Act stipulated that the interest on the debt was to be paid in gold. There was no stipulation in the Federal Reserve Act for ever paying the principle.

Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913)

"Hypothecated" all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a "beneficiary" of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their "subjects," the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.

In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States corporation all the credit "money substitute" it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their "economic slaves", the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.

Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the people have exchanged one master for another.

This has been going on for over eighty years without the "informed knowledge" of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it’s easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt.

Why don’t more people own their properties outright?

Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?

We are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it.

America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your Country." [emphasis added]


see also  http://dougplumb.blogspot.ca/2013/02/hypothecation-you-own-nothing.html

Monday, September 29, 2014

Post Modernism Dangers

(originally posted on writerbeat.com)

Yesterday I decided to have a fire in the backyard. It was after 9 PM and dark outside so I needed a flashlight to find some wood lying around. I didn't have a flashlight, but I had a smart phone. I wondered if Kirk and Spock had flashlights on their communicators.

I was watching Prof. Rick Roderick (R.I.P.) on Post Modernism earlier that day on my smart phone. I can download videos of him and sit outside and watch his talks on that tiny video display. In one talk he said that a man who thinks he is a poached egg gets convicted of lunacy solely because he is a minority. This talk took place in the mid nineties, when Nintendo was big and the internet wasn't.

Its a crazy world we live in. 9-11 was an inside job. Global warming is a fraud. How do we figure this out? Not by looking at evidence, there is too much of that. The United States and its military industrial complex had the most to gain from 9-11, they also covered up evidence. If Global Warming was not a fraud, the IPCC wouldn't have had to lie so much. The banks and the UN have a lot to gain from the lies. They would have thousands of actual climate scientists warning us of the danger and would not have to create that illusion using filtering and other techniques of propaganda, mostly outlined in Aristotle's "Rhetoric". Scientists would line up to sign their petition – if they had one.

Somehow we forgot that we shouldn't believe liars. Thankfully the biggest of lies can be destroyed by the simplest of logic. Some of us still know that.

The multicultural society we live in has no grounding in ethical or moral truth anymore. God is dead just like Nietzsche said. The best we can hope for is not go crazy ourselves, like Nietzsche eventually did. He saw a man beat a horse and that was the final straw. We see much worse all the time in the hyper reality we live in. Its no wonder people cannot tell fact from fiction. It affects all of us in various ways. You cannot cure an illness until you recognize you have one. Recognizing this illness for many will be like a fish recognizing water – the ubiquitous nature of water prevents it for the fish. The ubiquitous nature of lies that surround us prevents many of us from recognizing them.

We must ground ourselves in eternal truth, the greatest of greats, Kant, describes entering a dark room and having to hold onto something to orient himself so that he knows where he may walk without breaking anything or hurting himself.

We are conscious. Consciousness forms the Holy Ghost, God is Law and the Son, forgiveness. Its the Holy Ghost that proves the existence of God. Being, as some people call it. It's this that the bankster's UN needs to destroy – the last vestige of reality, the notion that we are conscious and responsible for our own rights and wrongs. Destroy all religion; destroy all Being; Destroy reason itself. Destruction through deconstructionism. It is necessary to bring in the grand plan of Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / New World Order into view. People must be reduced to machines so they always do what they are told, irregardless of right and wrong.

Much damage has been done by religion when it simplified itself for the masses, it anthropomorphized itself leading to its own discredit. But what else could it have done? It's a twisted version of Plato's Meno and the seeking of faith, which cannot be understood because it lies outside the bounds of reason.

If we grab onto that one thing, consciousness, we may be able to find our way out. Start living according to the rights and wrongs we know in our souls. If we learn better what consciousness is we will know better why we must hang onto it tighter. We will see better why the Bankster's scientific Establishment needs to destroy the very notion of consciousness.

This is how we stay human in the post modern world.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

50 Climate Scientists

I've been on the Linked In discussion groups talking about global warming, climate change or whatever is fashionable for it to be called these days. These fascists have really started making me angry and my keyboard has undergone some serious punishment as I have pounded on it to try and convince some of the unconvinceable that they are being bamboozled by these pro ACC folks.

I surf through their links in their posts on the discussions and try to find actual 'climate scientists' - known better as 'atmospheric physicists'. I'm looking for some actual scientists - the atmospheric kind - the kind who's reputation will take a beating if they are wrong about this whole Greenhouse Gas thingy- the kind of words that have responsibility behind them.

It turns out, in my previous look at qualifications of 'qualified folks' that most of the so called environmental scientists are actually sociologists and biologists. A sociologist or biologist won't take a beating if he or she is wrong about atmospheric physics "I got bamboozled just like everyone else", they can always say.

I found an article in the Guardian...ha ha!! Real climate scientists at last ! Because I would rather believe the AGW hypothesis is true than what I do actually believe. I want to be convinced that the AGW hypothesis is true because I would be a lot happier if I did. What I think is far worse. What I think makes me ashamed to be a member of this species.

Part of what makes me ashamed to be a member of the species is that I cannot get anyone from the pro AGW /ACC camp to go here PetitionProject I think its because they are afraid. Cult members are going to be afraid of things like this and this too. You can't get them to look at what real climate scientists are saying. They live in a world of smoke, mirrors and politics. Their cult leaders have warned them about going to sites like these.

But I look, I looked at the Guardian and was thinking "Oh good....I was wrong..." But I wasn't.

Maybe if I can show them once again how they are being bamboozled..instead of taking stupid Liberal insults and having those take the place of intelligent argument.

So, lets see what constitutes Climate Scientist in the mind of a Cult Member. The Guardian has an article entitled: Climate Consensus: The 97 %. So lets see...

(1)Dr. Catherine Potvin, Professor, Department of Biology  Ok Ok.  So you don't always get it right the first time..so lets try it again.

(2)Dr. Chantelle Richmond, Western University - dept of Geography. Twice the charm...

(3)Dr. Fikret Berkes, University of Manitoba - Natural Resources.  Never give up

(4)Dr. Mark Stoddart, Memorial University - Dept of Sociology. I think we may find one actual physicist, but I'm not betting on it. Keep trying. Never give up...

(5) Dr. Sally Aitken, University of British Columbia - Forest Genetics

(6)  Dr. Aerin Jacob, University of Victoria: - Applied Conservation Science

(7) Dr. Alison Kemper, Ryerson University - Marketing

(8) Dr. André Potvin, Université Laval- Architecture

(9) Dr. Andreas Heyland, University of Guelph - Comparative physiology

(10) Dr. Ann Dale, Royal Roads - University Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development

(11) Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Cape Breton University - Nursing & Indigenous Studies

(12) Dr. Brent Sinclair - biologist

(13) Dr. Bruno Dyck, University of Manitoba - Business administration

There is a bit of  trend here, I don't think we are going to see a world class climate scientist in this group. The qualifications seem to be diverging into fields where one may not even be required to know what climate even is.

So if the sky is falling and the earth will die unless we let the banks and their UN start telling us what we can and cannot have for energy while they fly around in private jets, I want to hear it from an actual Climate Scientist !!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Naomi Shocking Us Into Green Communism Based on AGW fraud

Naomi Klein, author of the famous book, The Shock Doctrine, showed us the value of shock in leading us into the fraudulent war on terror. She has written another book, using the methods given in The Shock Doctrine to shock us into United Nations Agenda 21 based on the phoney AGW threat.

The Rhodes Scholar seems to have followed lessons that she learned from the US Neocons to shock us into helping the global financiers in establishing their Neoliberal Green communist agenda (Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development) New World Order.

She has an interview of the Ford Foundation funded Democracy Now! Here

So you don't have to buy her stupid book.

She says we must transform the economy to reduce "emissions" - of carbon, I assume. I think the only emissions we need to worry about are those emanating from people like Naomi Klein.

Its important to know that burning hydrocarbons has the by products of water and carbon dioxide. (That "smoke" you see coming out of "smoke stacks" of Western clean burning coal burning plants in AGW propaganda is actually water). Both of these are life giving gases.

In the Chinese coal plants? Who knows. They don't have regulations over there and the Neoliberal Rhodes Scholar isn't pushing for trade sanctions against China and their slave factories to reduce real harmful rather than imaginary harmful emissions that are the result of by-products emitted by dirty plants without 'scrubbers'.

Naomi's argument is a scientific one - we must stop putting "carbon", meaning CO2, into the environment to stop global warming. Really CO2 isn't bad for the environment according to qualified folks.

The science behind the pro AGW movement has always been political science and the science behind the anti AGW movement has always been the hard kind.You don't see qualified folks like this on Naomi's side of things, you see people like....well....Naomi. They always say they have qualified people behind them, you just never hear from these qualified people. They have corporate media to repeat their mantra until it gets believed.

The rest of the interview is such BS that I can't even pollute my keyboard by repeating it here. She says "We must invest more in the public sphere...." - just to warn you. You won't believe it if I just write it all here anyhow. See for yourself at the Ford Foundation media outlet linked above.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who Is Really In Control ?

After about 6 years of listening to and reading political commentary on the internet and reading political philosophy and studying law I can say that if I could list only one person that every person should listen to, that person would be Catharine Austin Fitts. She does explain the problem, its symptoms and what we need to do to fix the situation that we currently face: Tyrannical communism & complete destruction of existing economy. She does this by exposing people to common-sense reason and some aspects of the nature of our relationship with the government.

In her latest interview on Alex Jones, www.infowars.com, she poses a question, Who is really in control ?
Fitts has an interview with Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet TV) on this page http://solari.com//events/ , she explains the problem at the core.

Are The Corporations In Control ?

Many people assume that because the corporations lobby governments and have enormous concentrations of wealth to do this affectively. They must be the ones that shape government. But this is not true because they play according to the rules. The main rule is that they are lawfully required to operate in the financial interest of their shareholders. To not do this is to break the rules and to expose themselves to liability. They have no choice but to operate the way they do.

Are The Paid Off Politicians In Control ?

The only responsibility a politician has to its electorate is to get re-elected. Lobbyists and corporations aid them in this task so the lobbyists and corporations are helping the politicans fullfill their single obligation to the public - that is get re-elected.

Enviro-Fascists are Back & What to do About It

You can't really argue with these people. They just want to believe, so they do. One would have to believe that the thousands of scientists on PetitionProject.org are either all being duped by the oil companies or actually have a scotched earth policy in order to believe that the threat of AGW is real.

What if they turned their attention to monetary reform ?

Everyone would have a lot more money and live much better and tend to have fewer children. This would solve the dreaded (yet ridiculous) notion of overpopulation. The earth would be safe from over population.

Honest money would mean fewer, if any wars. Our wars are fought for money, just like wars were fought for money in the Republic Of Plato, and ever since. Our banks want to print everyone's money and those countries that cannot be coerced or corrupted into doing so get bombed. Its just they way the world works. If we had honest money we would have fewer wars and stop having to build the stuff all over again that got blown up and stop having to build and operate things like tanks, bombers and battleships.

Honest money creates a smaller political class and therefore bad ideas that seem to serve the environmental interest but really just serve to expand and fatten an existing political class would be practically non existent. Stupid ideas like solar and wind farms would not come to fruition because they wouldn't be subsidized. (An idea needs government subsidization because it is a bad idea.) A smaller political class would result in smaller taxes and less corruption.

That could get the snake eating its own tail.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Michelle's a Fag

One morning, while listening to E. Michael Jones on cultural Marxism I took off my headphones to listen to some of my co-workers talk about the recently born notion of Michelle Obama being a transvestite. My contribution to this discussion was that it really shouldn't surprise anyone if its true.

The video below outlines the physical evidence for this and the various characteristics of her / his physical appearance. Some of the evidence is broad shoulders, index finger longer than the ring finger, traces of a removed Adam's apple and a few other things.

We know that Obama is a homosexual, if fact all US presidents with the exception of Nixon and Clinton were homosexuals - or that is what some believe. I think it's probably true.

Homosexuals are wonderful tools in politics because they can be more easily controlled. If George Bush got out of control or was overcome by a sudden act of decency and upset the order of things (the rest of us getting constantly screwed by bankers and attorneys), his handlers only needed to call the NY Times or the Washington Post or the Communist News Network and expose the fact that he had male prostitutes visit the White House quite regularly. Barry Sataro has his golf and stays out of the way of the machine, GW had his male prostitutes.

Its all too crazy. You gotta laugh once in a while, and here is a video for some good honest laughter. Its a case well stated.


Joan, "Oh shut up, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about", Rivers also commented about this shortly before her death.


Joan always told it like it was. These comedians are sometimes our greatest philosophers.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that the "first lady", normally believed to be a heterosexual female is in fact a homosexual male.

My Book: Power Outage

I recently published an 80,000 word book on Smashwords as an e-book. It will be available through most regular channels in short time but may or may not be found on Amazon. I haven't looked into Amazon yet and have heard some things that cause me not to jump at the idea. "Another Microsoft" is a phrase that runs through my mind when considering this.

The book is a fictional story about a group of people who build a shelter to protect them from an economic crash, a war, or anything else that comes along. They have the money and they buy the peace of mind.

The electricity goes out due to a phenomenon known as an EMP, an Electro Magnetic Pulse that destroys electrical circuits. This is a real phenomonen or maybe just a possibility. It may have happened two hundred years ago without anyone noticing. It may happen all the time, every hundred or two hundred years. No one knows.

The book is about political power, after the existing system is destroyed so are its power structures.

The book forms an examination of different political systems such as collectivism, democracy, anarchism as well as others.

It is an action adventure that is the story of a group of people who make a cross country journey in a post apocalyptic world. It is the story of the people they meet on their journey to meet the philosopher king.

Readers are permitted to read the first 75 % of this book free of charge.



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