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Somewhere in the bible it explains that when our leaders and priests are lying to us we must turn to the pagan priests for truth. In our civilization this is Hollywood, or so I am told - both of these things by Jack Smith, one of the leaders of the redemption movement.

It takes a fairly decent knowledge of law and banking to see the message in Dorthy's dream in the movie The Wizard of Oz, but I was able to see it. The message is also in the book Alice In Wonderland. The courts are often called Wonderland and the minions of the courts Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. The message did not ring clear with me with Alice In Wonderland.

In Peter Pan, Peter is careful not to lose his shadow which is an allegory for our shadow government. In Puff The Magic Dragon we are given a code about redemption, but it too is unclear. In Puff The Magic Dragon we learn that we cannot speak and must have a person (paper man) speak for us until we learn how to talk in the courts as well as the nature of admiralty law. It takes some knowledge to see this message.

The message in the movie Coraline is much more obvious. Here Coraline is offered a chance to live in a world very much like our own, she is given everything she wants and is finally a chance to stay if only she will allow buttons to be sewn in the place of her eyes. The movie is very well done and imaginative, a story hasn't been told before to my (limited) knowledge in this area.

Check the movie out sometime if you are looking for something different and more interesting than the typical repeated story lines that normally comes out of Hollywood. Its a great little movie and its all about exposing a truth.

Hollywood has a clear message in this one.


Penny said...

I saw Coraline twice!

I sort of see what your saying about the two worlds, the reality and the unreality of the two worlds.

Though both world's are 'real' in Coraline, one is the world of real life and harsh realities.

The other world is a fantasy real world, where nothing initially is harsh.

The buttons for eyes is an interesting concept.

Eyes as the viewers of the outside world
Eyes as the mirror of the soul.

One button replaced eyes, the soul and the ability to perceive reality were gone.


Oh and the movie is fun and entertaining.

slozo said...

You mean Alice in Wonderland isn't a Monarch program style intro for boys and girls into the many cues and imagery and psychology involved in pedophelia? It was written by James Dodgson, fairly well known diddler, you know - the guy who tried to marry an 11 year old girl? That one.

Sorry mate, I think you're way off, and applying something you have researched very well into something that is just not there.

Coraline I don't know at all, so won't comment on that one . . . but the other movies have all been popularised for our children to see for a reason, and it ain't about money.

slozo said...

Ach! - that was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, my bad.

Doug Plumb said...

I don't know about Alice in Wonderland either, but in Puff The Magic Dragon (the 3 part series) there is no doubt. Its about the courts and admiralty law - 100 %. It starts with Jackie Draper unable to speak, he gets Jackie Paper to speak for him. From then on its about admiralty law.

In Alice in Wonderland I think there are many hints.

The Wizard of Oz is all about money and law. The movie starts out with Dorothy having a substantiative legal problem then in her dreams the problem transforms into equity where there is forgiveness and flexibility and the problem gets solved.

Maybe Alice in Wonderland is about pedophilia - I never really understood that movie. I read Catcher In The Rye and did not recognize the supposed connection with pedophilia in that book, or anything else wrong with that book. Literary analysis has never been my strong point- I think much of it is based on conjecture and involves more thought than the actual authors intended.

About The Wizard of Oz and Puff The Magic Dragon, I'm sure, especially Puff.


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