Saturday, March 20, 2010

Debunking Debunking Global Warming Debunking

Even though the global warming alarmists have been not only proven wrong and proven to be liars I decided to take a walk on the other side and listen to this video done as a book promotion by Naomi Oreskes supporting the AGW hypothesis. Naomi is a trained geologist who espouses the view that science is something that the common man can make judgments on based on popularity of a theory within the scientific community. She insists that just because something is proven wrong doesn't mean anything because things in science are sophisticated. I'm not a sophist so I don't much go for sophisticated things.

She compares the anti AGW camp with those who spoke against the hypothesis that smoking causes cancer and names a few scientists who were both anti AGW and spoke against the smoking-causes-cancer hypothesis.

She says that the latest AGW scam of the IPCC emails being exposed means nothing because the people that exposed what are now known as lies may not be qualified AGW scientists.

She says that science has grown faster than exponentially. I was under the impression that science grew exponentially because the amount of new knowledge was always proportional to the amount of existing knowledge from which to work with.

She tells us that we should investigate who is funding the anti AGW factions, but does not suggest we should apply this as a general rule to anything we hear regarding "science".

She is careful to discuss very little evidence and the evidence she does present is not within what normally would be considered a geological time frame and sticks with evidence gathered from what she says is the "19th century" but is really the 20th century (purposefully ?). She is a scientific historian as well as a geologist.

She claims that the anti AGW side has put forth very little if any evidence supporting their claims. She says the anti AGW camp has been a giant propaganda machine executed deliberately to confuse the public. This has been executed by organized think tanks according to this woman. There are no limits are there?

She says that she was accused as being part of a liberal conspiracy to bring down world capitalism "as if liberals are organized", well Naomi, you are right, liberals by their nature aren't very organized, but neo-liberals sure are.

She is skating on thin ice through this, and I think she has fallen into the pond at the end of this. It was kind of fun to watch - especially seeing people walk out in the middle of the talk and the skeptical look on peoples faces toward the end.

If you want a nice compressed video of all the pro - AGW arguments, here it is. You may be have an overwhelming compulsion to clean your desk, wipe down your monitor or perhaps even dust out the inside of your computer after watching this, as I did.

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