Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Is Doing It To Us ?

Is it Jews or the BAR association, or is it the nature of a technological society, human nature or politicians? Is it the banksters ?

I think its a combination of factors, first of all I think the technological society is a creation of the the rulers (banksters) for the purpose of enslaving us. Wars are created to speed up technological development, concentrate "wealth", keep people distracted, angry and sometimes dead while a monster (technological society - Frankenstein) is built up around us. This monster continuously demands more and more control because the modern man, "Homo-Economus"[1] demands, above all else comfort and safety where his counterpart, homo sapien sought truth and justice from his gods. His gods served him well, keeping him humble and the machine at bay.

The control that is required by the technological society is demanded by the technicians (actuaries, economists, engineers, big corporations) so they can plan for the future created by the banksters - its their gig. They print little pieces of paper with numbers on it calling it money. They control the future so that the technicians can plan for it. Plans enslave us by limiting freedom. Homo Economus becomes the subject of his plans.

The BAR backs the banksters up and makes the paper into money with the law. Politicians don't make laws, the law is a separate entity, the "law" is the UCC - the uniform commercial code created to protect commerce on the high seas, now on the land, its Administrative law and Equity courts, it almost never has a jury. There is value in dishonor and this value is converted to illuminati/satanist debt notes by the courts. Money is the god of Homo-Economus.

The judges decide law in equity courts, using what the politicians wrote as law as only a guide. In Equity law the judge excercises discretion. In administrative law, the law consists of administering the law along with public policy and the benefit of all (communism). Most people study administrative law in law school. The real law, as applied today, is nothing like the old common law that we see on Law and Order and other TV shows.

So its money that controls us, provides the element of control necessary to keep the machine running. But its the BAR that gives us the foundation of "justice" that society sits on, that Homo-Economus believes in. The BAR gives the illuminati/satanist debt notes value through enforcement of law and its men with guns. They enforce the tax laws and trick people into their jails for not paying the criminal, immoral and Marxist income tax. Income tax pays for more war and the machine gets bigger.

Justice and the machine are incompatible, the BAR works for the banksters who operate the machine through planning done by their tax free foundations and secretive think tanks. So justice loses because the BAR association works for the banks too. BAR association members are rich by the standard of the common excrement shoveler - they are paid off, not paid, to keep the machine running as it does for the banksters so the technicians can keep planning. Bar members laugh all the way to the banks, their pay cheques are high because they allow themselves to keep their numbers low.

Its the Jews that get to be the scapegoats for the BAR (British Association Registry). Everything the Jews have been accused of doing in secret has been openly practiced by the BAR. At the bottom of every rabbit hole you find yourself wading through weasel excrement. The courts have the final word. BAR members speak with a forked tongue -their words have double meaning. They create and manage the foundation of our society. They have the monopoly on justice which is the foundation on which society sits.

Its the BAR that locks up people like Earnst Zundel and makes the Jews look bad. The need to make the machine bigger means more war and more propaganda to keep everyones eye off the ball.

If this post sounds disconnected, sorry, when wading through weasel excrement its difficult to know what you are stepping on. Can anyone straighten out all this UCC, Equity Law, Administrative Law nonsense ? No way. Maybe they can't either, they just keep laughing all the way to the banks knowing they can say whatever your interpretation is must be wrong because they have the monopoly, they say what is and what isn't.

If anyone can falsify this, please do so. Tell me where I am wrong. I want to figure this machine out. This is a working theory and I am looking for falsification.

[1] Term used in The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul.

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