Monday, March 8, 2010

CAFR1: Taxation Is Wrong & Deceptive


Penny said...

who or what is CAFR1?

Doug Plumb said...

CAFR= Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the government (like any criminal organization) maintains two sets of books. The public version is the annual financial report. The secret version is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which includes investment income from all the big companies (IBM, GM, Microsoft, etc) that the government (banksters manage as in Ch 11 bankruptcy) owns.

Anonymous said...

doug I see that in just a few short days your at it again your about taxes now youve told me you dont even pay taxes give it up we talked before you left put your effort into your work your getting older unless you want to end up living in govermental house or out on the street work on something that will at least make money your living conditions are getting worse by going were you have doug wake up before its to late

slozo said...

You have really impressed me again with this CAFR stuff, Doug. Thanks so much for introducing me to this guy . . . he sure aids your argument about the US being very close to a communist state, hmm?

It is really amazing sometimes to get a little peek behind the door . . . but we all must realise it is just a peek, as always. Nothing is ever totally revealed, and like an iceberg floating on the water, one never gets a total overview of all the corruption and all the devices of control and manipulation.

Anyways, thanks again.

Doug Plumb said...

Thanks Slozo,

Of all the truth/freedom movements, the only one that is approaching both truth and change with any degree of fidelity is the redemption movement.

This is where you learn of the CAFR, how to free yourself of the Monster and this will stop the wars and put the corrupt people in governments behind bars and fix the economy.

The world runs on money just as our bodies run on blood. When we fix the corrupt money, we fix the body. We override the BS put forward by the BAR association, stop volunteering to be slaves and society becomes about us once again.

These corporations, USA, Canada, can dissappear if enough people separate themselves from them.

slozo said...

Well Doug, you went a little farther there into territory I don't agree with you on . . .

I do not agree that the world runs on money. The world works on the blood, sweat and tears (see: labour) of the people, in my observations.

When we fix the corrupt money, I sure do hope it would fix the problem . . . but I do not give it more than a 0.01 % chance of happening. As always in history, even when the PTB have been dealt a strong and debilitating blow, they shift weight to the other foot, take a step back, and readjust, positioning themselves in an even better position quite often.

They are not stupid, and they can tell what the trends and thoughts and feelings are just as good or probably better than we can. Our enemy is smart, has a thousand tentacles, and as resources well beyond our means, assuming you are not a billionnaire as I am not.

Looking at and trying to learn from history, the only times that they have been dealt a severe blow is when the people revolted most violently and suddenly, and when a few leaders attempted to wipe them out with one fell stroke.

They are never vanquished by movements or change of heart . . . they simply meld, divide, and conquer/lead later.

But they can be defeated.

Doug Plumb said...

"I do not agree that the world runs on money. The world works on the blood, sweat and tears (see: labour) of the people, in my observations."

I do agree with this statement.

Most of taxation is just a way for governments to steal some of that labour - when they take it without our permission or blessing it is stealing.

Civilized man will always need a government and with government some form of taxation is necessary, but in the case of honest government this taxation is converted to tangeable benefits such as roads and power generation rather than negative things like unnecessary rules and wars.

Doug Plumb said...

The oppressive forces can be defeated when the people begin to think. Bullets are the tools of the oppressors and there is no chance of a violent revolution.

The populations biggest enemy is stupidity.

slozo said...

I used to look at taxation as straight up stealing . . . but now I think of it as a shackle of financial slavery, like tithes on peasants, so that it's just another financial impediment to disallow upward movement. So, that to me is a lot worse than plain theft. And, more importantly, while many of us are strong-armed into paying it, many more of the plebes surrounding me pay it willingly.

And no, I don't believe true "taxation" is always necessary in any form of gov't. There are other ways, namely - you pay for what you get.

Eventually, there can be no honest gov't if it is even remotely close to the corporate, socialist dictatorships we now enjoy. Sorry, human nature has not progressed that far.

And don't get me started on violent revolution having "no chance", Doug . . . IMHO the population's biggest enemy is complacency and helplessness.

Doug Plumb said...

Slozo, I totally agree. When we are taxed we should see something from that tax - such as a new highway or whatever. Buying something from gov should be no different than buying something from anyone else.

There is a small amount of taxation that gets "wasted" on administrative tasks, but this should be microscopic. Certainly a country does need laws written - in my estimation about ten would suffice, and we need courts. But we have maybe ten thousand or ten million laws and administrative law to interpret them where we need commonly understood laws and juries to interpret them to preserve the democratic trinity of happiness, equality and liberty.

Instead we have corporatist democracy where we are surrounded by state programmed automotons who are too pre-occupied with bread and circus to think and who continuously vote for more oppression and slavery.

Its hard for us to talk to each other, our language has been destroyed. You have to qualify the word democracy when you use it - its almost useless. It has a different philosophical meaning than political, its sociological meaning is different, and its commercial meaning is different.

I agree also that humanity may not yet be ready to be civilized. We haven't grown to meet the requirements of managing a civilization in our own interests. We have been tricked and poisoned (physically with fluoride and our minds with with State sponsored educational dogma).


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