Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Television Lately

On "V" the creatures want to vaccinate the humans. The V creatures use the same methods that the establishment are using on us, gaining our trust, providing "universal health care". On Law And Order a scientist that spoke against CAP and Trade gets murdered. Pro AGW scientists are cooking their data and they are a bunch of scum and liars (this is normal, the recent scam is nothing, global warming is still real and scientists lie about their data all the time ?)

I've been overloading on TV lately because I have a lot on my mind and I'm a little sick of thinking too much. I haven't watched TV is quite a few years, except for old shows like M*A*S*H* off the satellite.

Most mainstream shows are shows I haven't seen - I watched Desperate Housewives the other night for the first time (great show- if you are a guy especially).

Whats going on with TV telling what we think is the truth ? Maybe it isn't.


Penny said...

Hey Doug.

there are people out there who actually think tv is reality. I have really heard people say with my own ears.

well that is not how it is on tv?

to which I reply, are you kidding me?

do you notice on tv, no one is poor, but, no one seems to work?
And then the jobs they 'work' at.. the lifestyle they have supersedes the reality of that wage?

As for V and the innoculation and healthcare angle.

There is nothing inherently wrong with single payer health care systems, they are more efficient by keeping overlapping costs down.
The innoculations angle is just creepy, as it is in reality.

Penny said...

a lot on your mind?
hope all is well and don't stress too much, ok?

Doug Plumb said...

I've just been thinking a lot about the whole situation we are in from a different point of view and starting to see things more clearly.

I'm finishing a tech project for a guy and he is trying to make me do the documentation and that wasn't part of the deal. He already got a massively good deal on the work and he wants more. Its disappointing.

There is a job in Toronto I may take, but mentally speaking, they will own my mind - its a programming job. Its exciting, but at the same time I have enjoyed owning my own mind.

The company has a lot of the same problems we have in society - too much reliance on technique and not enough philosophy and deep understanding - makes a job stressful.

This book, The Technological Society has really woken me up to something I should have been more aware of.

Penny said...

"I've met lots of good Jews, but never an honest lawyer."

Doug: you do realize this is oxymoronic? How may Jews (followers of Judaism) are lawyers?
Therefore that is an illogical statement.

I am not quite sure why you seem to have a bee in your bonnet, but, when I see fake religious freaks commiting this stuff, I name them.
No matter who or what their practice.
Or do you think I should extend preferential treatment to some?
I see no reason to.

Doug Plumb said...

"Doug: you do realize this is oxymoronic? How may Jews (followers of Judaism) are lawyers?
Therefore that is an illogical statement."

Lots of lawyers are Jews, I'll give you that. But lots are not.

I really believe that a civilizations sits on a foundation of morality and that morality is the biggest reason to form a civilization. Even economics depends on morality which also is the reason for civilization. The BAR association has a monopoly on law which is our substitute and approximation to morality.

Even our money system would work as it is if there was a moral code about stealing, but its being used to steal rather than for the benefit of man. This is done because the courts are corrupted by looking after the interests of the banks rather than the workers.

If a civilization is falling apart then it is falling apart because of a lack of ethics. Anything else can be fixed.

Everything ultimately depends on morality and ethics and these things determine culture as well. Incredibly important but ignored.

Doug Plumb said...

I see no reason to extend preferential treatment to anyone, but members of the BAR association do get preferential treatment in the courts.

They are the serpents who speak with a forked tongue. They understand their legalese and rarely is it that someone outside their club has a clue as to what they are really saying.

All their wording has a double meaning - so when a lawyer says "represent" he means "re-present" as in take your rights away and re-present you as a slave. The law is full of this. This is why they are the forked tongue devils.

Its not Jews - its lawyers that are the problem. I'm not the only one that believes this. It seems anti - semetism is popular in the patriot groups, but they fail to consider anything else sometimes.

The lawyers have gone around calling themselves "noble and distinguished" so often that no one considers that in fact they are the exact opposite of this.

Everyone is getting screwed but few people get into the courts - and many who do don't even realize how badly they are being raped.

Penny said...

"Lots of lawyers are Jews, I'll give you that. But lots are not."

of course, lots of christians are lawyers and lots are not...but that is not the point.

when you say "I've met lots of good Jews, but never an honest lawyer."

It doesn't make sense. It is illogical.

Also your comment on my blog
"blame it on the jews"

what brought that on?
Since the perpetrators of the crime on the little girl were alleged to be followers of Judaism, who else could be held responsible? The baptists?

Again it makes no sense, and gives me a feeling you are having a knee jerk reaction an emotional reaction.

I don't think there is a need for that, and may be that your feelin stressed is why you are coming across in that manner.

But, it just doesn't make sense...

Morality? agreed it is important, but religion does not guarantee morality. NO matter which religion.
I think, and this is just my opinion, you have to seperate the two. Religion and morality are on opposite ends of the rainbow.

Penny said...

You are hung up on the concept of 'anti-semetism'.

You do realize that arabs are the semites right?
And semitic has to do with language?
If you do not realize that you are allowing yourself to be subjected to manipulative control.

Listen to the Shlomo Sand interview I had up. He says anti semetism is nonsense. He is right.

It is a tool of mind control, speech control and thought control.
Look at the book the thirteenth tribe I had linked.

Doug Plumb said...

I agree, but the phrase "anti semetism" has many meanings, just like the word Jew.

In the bible the word Jew means "scumbag financial weasel" and not those who practice the religion in some places in it. There areother meanings other than "chosen one".

Its a bad language, its hard to speak without being careful.

Doug Plumb said...

"It is a tool of mind control, speech control and thought control."

I totally agree.

Doug Plumb said...

"what brought that on?
Since the perpetrators of the crime on the little girl were alleged to be followers of Judaism, who else could be held responsible? The baptists?"

Just because a Jew commits a crime doesn't mean that you can blame it on the fact that they Jews.

The perps also had one other thing in common which everyone ignores - they were all BAR association members (VERY RARE that a important politician isn't, even if they aren't, politics and power is in the hands of the BAR association- more than the Jews)

All the things that Jews are accused of as doing in secret wrt politics are done openly by BAR association members. There are more BAR members in power than Jews.

Penny said...

"Just because a Jew commits a crime doesn't mean that you can blame it on the fact that they Jews."

Which I did not. I merely pointed out as I did when it was christians or catholics, that these people are hiding behind their religion.

You are putting words in my mouth, I do not appreciate at all.

Like Puello who was praying and making daven, and was setting up pedo rings and running a whore house.

This is the contradiction between religion and morality that you cannot seem to grasp

You have read everything else into this scenario and made some really despicable statements on top of it.

Doug Plumb said...

What comment that I have made did you find offensive ?

Doug Plumb said...

"This is the contradiction between religion and morality that you cannot seem to grasp"

Explain then.

Penny said...


Reviewing the numerous and egregious statements you made.

I do seriously wonder at your motivation.

I am asking that you refrain from posting at my blog any longer.

If you do I will remove posts.
If necessary I will enact comment moderation.

Thanks in advance for cooperating, which I assume you will

Doug Plumb said...

You should have emailed me that. But don't bother.

Doug Plumb said...

"This is the contradiction between religion and morality that you cannot seem to grasp"

This is not a contradiction between religion and morality. Its just the hypocritical acts of a man or a few men.

It signifies nothing in the grand sense. You cannot blame religion when a Catholic or Jew (or Hindu, whatever) does something heinous.

Magdelena said...

Doug, I think religion, in the sense of an organised entity made up of people CAN be blamed - FOR much of what ails this society.

Religion is not the same as spirituality. Religion as an organised power structure is immoral on every level.

No one really needs a dude wearing a fishhat to tell them what to do or believe. Org. Religion is a mass Delusion!!

I'm not sure what went on here between you and Penny. I'm sad to see this happen, but I think there are some massive misunderstandings about what was being said and inferred.

Judaism, is, just another Org. Religion - cult if you will. As with all the other monotheistic 'brands' it sets up a 'we're better than the other guys' mentality. Sorry, but to me that is immoral. Does this make all followers immoral people? No, not necessarily but it sure does make them mentally deluded.

No sky Daddy for me, thanks. I'd pefer, as Carlin put it so well, to worship the Sun. (If I were so inclined to worship anything).

Gotta say, I don't even know what the argument between you two was about - and I've read it all.



Doug Plumb said...

"Religion as an organized power structure is immoral on every level."

This is the church that you are talking about, and even passages in the bible support this notion, or so I am told. Religion often takes the blame for what is the church. The church is just another power structure. Jesus rails against the money lenders and the church and he uses violence - so I am told. Religion is a counter to mans ego, which is Satan IMO.

I think the bible is a book on moral philosophy, as other religious books are they do not contradict morals developed from other sources, with the possible exception of hedonism. But I do not think hedonism leads to happiness. Maybe it did in a oppressive church based society. Durkheim has some really insightful things to say about human development and religion.

"I'm not sure what went on here between you and Penny."

To be honest, I don't either. I re read what I said and do not think I said anything wrong.

It just seems to be a club over their that seems to want to have a witch hunt with me as their witch. I should have just walked away when the insults started. Its not the first time, but it is the last time. Some of the insults directed at me were both stupid and mean.

I've also been on the wrong end of a witch hunt, mention that over there and I would be labeled as a pedophile for sure, not just inferred as one.

I have also read about the law and I think a certain amount of sophism is required. Sophism isn't always bad. For society, one must have rules and these rules approximate justice. The idea of having justice and an organized society are contradictory. Vigilantism, while gratifying and maybe even just, would not mitigate this problem.

I looked at some other forums on the same topic, people were being censored for having opinions that did not go along with the normal thirst for revenge. These arguments are not uncommon but rather well known and the whole thing is a moral dilemma. But people get censored - or worse - such as in my case.

I have had a kid that got raped, I may be very tempted to do what this guy did. But the kid, I would take her out for ice cream, maybe a trip to Disney World is in order. Its something that a four year old probably doesn't take in the same context as an adult and it would be bad to make a big deal out of it, better to help her just forget. I don't know, but I do know a four year old (she was 3 when it happened) is not an adult in a sexual context. I've read somewhere that this is probably the best therapy in cases like this.

Doug Plumb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doug Plumb said...

Maggie, don't worry about the argument between Penny and I. Its not your problem, too many things went bad and its happened before.

I appreciate your concern.

Doug Plumb said...

I think by the "chosen people" they were the people employed by God to do the work of God.

I the instance of Soddam and Gomorrah, the cities were already dead because of the corruption, prostitution, incest and gambling. They were dead cities for which God instructed his chosen people to destroy to stop the cancerous growth. Many people think these cities actually existed, also there are many things in the bible, as in the Koran, of a scientific nature than have only been recently discovered or "re-searched" with modern science. Biological classifications are one I am told, of which there are (39 ?) I think, as said in the bible.

There are other stories in the Bible that show "Gods Chosen People" as doing the work of god and protecting humanity from itself.

The Koran talks about the position of the earth wrt the sun, planets and stars, this book was written long before the arguments against the world being flat and the subsequent persecutions.

But overall religion, and not the church, can be used to teach children elements of moral philosophy to that they do not naturally understand to help them properly integrate into society as Durkheim explains. These ideas are necessary for children to learn for a moral society according to Durkheim, otherwise they do not recognize the consequences of their actions.


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